We offer high-quality professional translations in all the main language combinations, in any sector.

Teamwork, constant kills updating and use of innovative technology: these are our chosen criteria for obtaining the very best results.

Our team of trained professional translators is made up of graduate native speakers specialised in a range of sectors, in-house revisers and project managers, all working closely together:

  • Translators only translate into their own native language and make use of personalised and specialised glossaries produced in-house, translation memories, CAT-tools and online research;
  • Revisers examine the translation, checking that it is accurate, complete, consistent in its terminology and stylistically suitable;
  • Project managers manage the translation project, coordinate the various professionals involved and offer the client the advantages of a single contact person and interface.

Every professional involved in the translation project is highly qualified and can count on several years of experience.

“Writers create national literature, while translators make literature universal”
– José Saramago

Types of translation:

Publishing, multimedia and subtitle translation

Translation of a text for publication requires research, further study and the specific writing skills of translators specialised in the sector.

The texts are subject to a further check by in-house revisers specifically assigned to this type of project.

We monitor each phase of projects for publication, such as volumes on art, architecture and photography, tourist guides, regional and local promotional brochures, as well as fiction, nonfiction and comics, also offering proofreading services.

Translation for publishing requires a solid cultural background in the relevant area and the creative writing skills necessary to produce a new stand-alone text based on the source.

In order to ensure uniformity and consistency of the texts translated, we follow well-established editing procedures that apply as guidelines in all languages. Terminology is managed using specialist glossaries created in-house for each client. To date we have translated approximately ….words in the literary, artistic and tourism fields.

In the multimedia area, we translate texts for audio guides and audio-video guides or museums and art tours, as well as apps for the iOS and Android operating systems.

Subtitle translation

We translate subtitles both for corporate and advertising presentations and for films. We also provide subtitle creation and synchronisation from original dialogue.

Advertising and web translation

Translation of an advertising text requires localisation of the message to retain the impact of the original: the language and style must be rendered effective for the target market.

We follow projects destined for publication through every phase, also offering proofreading services.

We also translate website content into all languages, where appropriate directly through content management systems such as WordPress. For the purposes of search engine optimisation, on request we can provide translation of keywords and titles/headers.

Medical, scientific and pharmaceutical translation

Translation of a scientific text requires specific professional skills, in-depth knowledge of the subject-matter and careful quality control.

We use the services of professional translators with relevant scientific training working only in this specific sector. Our in-house revisers are also specialised in the particular language requirements and undergo ongoing skills updating.

We produce accurate and reliable translations of scientific, medical and pharmaceutical documents such as clinical protocols and questionnaires, medical reports, information leaflets and packaging, articles for periodicals, abstracts as well as conference proceedings for Italian and foreign companies.

We specialise in particular in linguistic revision of scientific articles often requested by university institutes. The service requires language skills, scientific rigour as well as compliance with the applicable writing conventions for publication in specialised periodicals.

We also provide a certification service for pharmacological documents for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Food sector translation

Our translators specialised in the food sector translate only into their own native language; each translation is subject to twofold checking by our in-house revisers.

We translate HACCP documents, websites, foodstuff labels, recipes, catalogues, as well as journalism and scientific articles.

The questions posed by translation in this sector require careful case-by-case assessment and solution. For instance, certain ingredients, or typical dishes that have no equivalent in the culinary traditions of other countries, are untranslatable and need to be left in the source language with careful explanation to render them understandable. Labels, on the other hand, require the utmost precision and uniformity of terminology.

Translation in the food area is closely linked to translation in other scientific areas such as dietology, pharmacology, chemistry and medicine, as well as the associated fields of personal wellness and fitness, all of which require broad ranging and in-depth scientific knowledge.

Automotive sector translation

Translation for the motor industry requires specific knowledge accurate choice of terminology, and clear, precise and unambiguous expression. Furthermore, the necessary background for translation of articles requires a good journalistic style and effective choice of language to hold the attention of the reader.

We have long years of experience of translation of automotive-sector documentation, from company magazines aimed at enthusiasts and experts alike to press releases , as well as user and maintenance manuals.

The strong points that set us apart are enthusiastic and skilful native language translators, personalised glossaries and rigorous work procedures that allow us to produce translations of the right quality for this highly demanding sector.

Technical translation

We translate user and maintenance manuals and technical documentation, guaranteeing fast turnaround times, affordable pricing, compliance with the client’s technical and specialised terminology, as well as uniformity of terminology throughout a range of documentation. Files delivered maintain all source layout and formatting.

When we judge it necessary to obtain the desirable results, we use computer-aided systems and dedicated translation memories to optimise and accelerate work procedures. We also draw up glossaries by sector and by client. All translations are performed by specialised technical translators and revised by our in-house team.

Each client is assigned a project manager who will always accompany them, whether for smaller jobs or in large multilingual projects.

Fashion and luxury goods translation

We have a thorough knowledge of the special needs of the fashion world thanks to our long years of experience in sector.

Fashion translations are unusual in their use of evocative and very emotional language. They also require considerable background and familiarity with the specialised terms used.

It is for this reason that we select specialised translators capable of reproducing the creativity and technical nuances of the text to be translated, while also expressing brand-specific notions and characteristics. Each translation is subject to twofold checking by our in-house revisers.

We translate catalogues and look-books, press releases, technical specifications, as well as specifications for finishes and textiles.

Legal, business and financial translation

Translation projects in the legal and business area are assigned to a team of native language translators who in addition to their considerable linguistic skills also boast considerable background in the sector and a specific knowledge of the relevant regulatory and juridical systems.
We provide services to multinational companies and some of the most important Italian legal firms and intellectual property attorneys.

We translate summonses, opposition proceedings, trademark descriptions, briefs, documents for hearings, contracts, as well as articles and acts of association, general and special powers of attorney and court procedural documents. In the financial area, we translate financial statements and reports.

In order to ensure the highest quality, all texts translated are subject to twofold checking by our in-house revisers.

At request, we can also provide sworn and legalised translated documents.

Sworn, legalised and certified translations

We carry out sworn, legalised and certified translations for presentation to Italian and foreign authorities, guaranteeing the strictest accuracy and fast turnaround times while offering affordable pricing. These services are available throughout the country.

We deal with legal acts and deeds, pharmacological documentation, civil registry certificates and many other types of documents.

articularly affordable flat rates are available for the translation of vehicle registration documents, driver’s licenses, academic certificates and documents for registration with foreign professional associations.

Documents can be delivered in person or by mail or courier.

Sworn translations
We offer a sworn translation service for documents requiring official validation.
The translator signs the document and takes an oath before the clerk of court that the translation is accurate and true to the source document.

The client receives a sheaf, stamped by the court and signed by the translator and clerk of court, made up of the original document, the translation and the written oath. This sheaf may not be divided or else it will be deemed null and void.

If the documents to be translated and sworn are originals (as in the case of passports, driver’s licenses, graduation diplomas, etc.) that the client cannot part with, an authenticated copy must be provided by the civil registry of the municipality of residence. Otherwise (in the case of civil registry or academic documents) the original documents may be provided.
Per quanto riguarda gli atti giuridici, quali atti di ingiunzione o atti di successione il cliente ci consegna l’originale o una copia autentica, mentre i documenti di circolazione solitamente sono asseverati in forma di fotocopia semplice.

In the case of public documents, such as court orders or acts of succession, the client may either provide the original document or an authenticated copy, while a simple photocopy normally suffices for sworn translations of vehicle documents.

Translated and sworn documents destined for non-EU countries may require legalisation by means of an apostille. This procedure applies in the case of signatory countries of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961. Through legalisation, the public prosecutor’s office at the relevant court certifies the authenticity of the signatures of the clerk of court who has signed the sworn translation.
Legalisation requires that the document remain with the court for two to three days.

Certification means that our company declares in the target language of the translation and using our official headed paper that the translation is true and accurate, also providing the personal details of the translator where necessary.

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